Technipelago AB
  • System Development


    When we develop systems we think in terms of objects and components. We group information and logic in a way that we can easily assemble several components into a complete product with amazing functionality. Read more about our engineering philosophy.

  • Mobility


    We develop mobile apps that give you freedom to work everywhere. We take care of the whole process from idea and design to implementation and test. Some of our apps are available on App Store and Google Play.

  • Products


    Normally, we develop custom enterprise applications for our customers, but we also sell a complete CRM system with features like, sales force automation, campaign management, and email marketing. The system is completely web based and easy to get started with.

  • Education


    Our developers offer trainings on the technologies they work with every day. Mostly Spring Framework, Groovy and Grails. Our training premises are located in the beautiful archipelago east of Stockholm, Sweden.